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~Knockamechee Pharoh~


I Found God


I found God in the bushes

Over the mountains

And in the trees

I found God in the air we breathe

I found God under a rock

And with a breeze that came through the window

And flowed over me

At that moment I realized the greatest gift of all

Was to bare witness for all

I found God in the bushes

Over the mountains

And in the trees

I found God in the air that we breathe.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


I Miss You

I hear your voice all the time

Even though I know it's in my mind

I see your smile in the dark

It gets me through the rough parts

I can smell you when everyone else is around

And I can smell you when no one is around

Am I the butt end of a joke?

Or just miss you more than I know

I can feel your touch

Sometimes it leaves me in a cold stare

Because I miss you and wish you were still here.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


I saw her

I saw her for the first time

Along time ago

For the last time

Blinded by the past

Knowing there could never be a future

All we had was the present to do what ifs

Gifts come in rare forms from the Almighty

I'd be a fool not to indulge with his permission

Following my intuition

To a second of happiness in our world

But an eternity in the spirit world

I saw her for the first time

Along time ago

For the last time

And I knew she would always be mine.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


If I Am


If I am so honest

That within will be open to all

And what is shall be

If I attempt to lie to myself

I will only hurt others

Like the love of a mother

This should be cherished

Spread evenly amounts the people

Gathered in favor of the mission

As I assume to know more than I really do

Then one can only expect to miss the picture all together

Clever is one who sees it all

For what it is

And the angels tangled adjacent to each other

Will no longer smother your dreams

The truth.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



There is an imposter living in my flesh

There is a pretender pretending to be me

Could it be that all is the same

Or is it a game

There’s an imposter living in my flesh

Will I regret not exposing this imposter

Acting like a mobster?

Running from the truth

Only to prove what it shall be?

There is an imposter living in my flesh

Will I put him out

And confess who I really am?

There is an imposter living in my flesh.



~Knockamechee Pharoh~


In Me

I have seen so much in my short life

And yet it’s not a lot at all

Ambitious and full of drive

I strive to be the best at what I do

So many so few

Know who I really am

Or maybe I don’t let them in

They say all is most

And most is all

But what about the in between

That’s dissolve

Looking back

What matters most to me

Is that they know they have a friend in me.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



Sometimes it's ok

To stand alone

Rather than be a clone

Sometimes it's ok

To love unconditionally

And when you're wrong

Just admitting it

Sometimes it's ok

To trust even if it's not that much

I'd rather have gave it my all

Then not try at all

And get older

Look back and regret it all

Sometimes it's better to give

Then take

Or feel like you are too

Good to make a mistake

I am a true believer in faith

And a believer

In sometimes you just can't break

If this is true

Then me and you

Know sometimes

It's ok.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~




You lose a lot along the way of a journey

Some have to be carried out on a gurney

Some muster up the strength to move on

Some sit and dwell too long

After the rain is gone the pain remains

That's to remind you of your game

Shame is to those who hide and conceal the truth

Joy for the rebirth of a sick fruit

Who knows what it is to make it through the journey.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



In the event that you lose faith in yourself

Remember this

Only the strong survive

Only the brave soar

Only the lion is King!


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Last call


It is through you that I see the impossible

Swallowed by ambition

Filled with youth

Oh hold on to that innocence

Because it will fly by like the nights which are so perfect

And the days which are far better

Then the nights

It is through you that I see the impossible

Swallowed by ambition



To go quietly into the night

As a quiet storm passes

Maybe soon we will fight the good fight together

As a family should be

Until then play one for your old pa

Be free as the wind

On your way then

Off into the world

And remember

I am always there

So as they say

Last call

Love you all.


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