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~Knockamechee Pharoh~


My Flesh


I am at a constant battle with my flesh

To maintain control I must confess

That there are things not good fro me

I indulge in roles played

To feed the fetish my flesh craves

I am aware of the consequences these choices could bring

And I know my body is suppose to slave to my brain

But at times I lack the power to maintain

So I pray

Asking God to help me

I am at a constant battle with my flesh

To maintain control I must confess.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~




I am just a rebel

Trying to shake the law

I am just a rebel

Trying law

I am just a rebel

Fighting for the Lord’s cause

And I can’t fall

Cause I’m just a rebel.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



You see, them streets got a heart beat

It don’t take mercy

It don’t see color

Ain’t enough cash in the world to save you from the streets

I’ve seen lives lost

Guns tossed

Russian roulette end in regret

Daddy’s little girl take a swirl

On the wild side

Never to return

Some never learn

So they stay

Only to pay the ultimate price

Nothing right

Forget the hype

You see, them streets got a heart beat

Mommy’s little boy

Stop playing with toys

And now he’s got the real thing

Can’t be a dream

Most do it for cream

But keep in mind it’s not a dream

Ya see, them streets got a heart beat

Now you can play

But ya still gotta pay

Cause them streets got a heart beat.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



I am open for suggestions

Infected with progression

My adolescence serves as lessons to live by

Why is no longer a part of my vocabulary

Only scary thing

Is going back to what I used to be

So I shall relish and embrace this new me

On new land

But my spirit is timeless

Free to see and express its self over and over again

I am open to suggestions

Infected with progression

Looking to answer questions

That have no mortal answer

I am open to suggestions.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


The Big Day

I would of loved to be there for your special day

But you told me to stay away

For a son that’s a lot to swallow

Hollow thoughts echo in my mind

Blinding all the words said days before

You swore you’d call

But after all

That was wishful thinking on my part

So here’s a toast to you

And all the years of happiness to come for some

God Bless.



~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Way Out

I am under attack from all directions

By what seems to be my own reflection’s aggression

From one side honesty

Form the other regret

In one instance or another

Smothered by my own self doubt

Tell me, is there a way out?


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



Through the storms

I have come to be here now

With you seeing the present day

Enjoying the sun, trees, and birds

Enjoying the stars, moon, and all that comes at night

Despite what we have been through

I am glad it was with you.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Better or Worse

I am against the establishment for better or worse

I have seen past and present offenses

That are senseless

And relentless

In obtaining selfish agendas

Hiding knowledge in books

Saying crooks don’t read

They’re a disease

Smothering the very fiber that holds us together

A necessary evil

Well I am the necessary righteousness that is rooted

In the other fiber across from you

I am against the establishment for better or worse.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



Rebel ways run deep in my blood

Sent by God to spread love

Indulged here and there

With flair

But let no man fear

They say go a head and play

Lay and do as you please

Without a care or worry for disease

But indeed greed takes many faces

In different places

All at the same time

Speak out loud so spirits can smile

And carry the message to God

Some still don’t believe

Look and you will see

There is a touch of God in everything.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~




My love is undying


Completely yours

But yet I still mourn

For boundaries have been drawn

As the lion’s jaws are torn

Forsaken is that not what I am?

Damned to repeat

Cheat death in the end

Crowned in blood of my friends

Twins the sign of Gemini

Flowers no longer bloom in this valley

As the people rally for a Savior

And yet we all remain strangers.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



He took the bait

Selling his fate forever more

Concealing the willingness he had for more

An outrageous, rambunctious concubine

From behind she works her magic

Addicted to the passion

Not asking if there was days to come after this

Just thrusting

Thinking more

More of this succulent treat of lust

Condemning his self for a nut

Reducing a queen to a slut

All in one action

Satisfaction eludes them once again

As they lay in sin.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Get Me


I am not worried about gun men coming to get me

Riches don’t tempt me

The Lord s with me

So tell ‘em to come get me.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Loving You


I never stop loving you

And I’ll bare my soul and stand by my truths

I never stop loving you

You are my friend

This can’t be the end

Cause I am not done loving you.

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