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~Knockamechee Pharoh~




I have seen lights

That out shine the sun

But skyscrapers and projects stop ‘em from shining

Blocks equal corners

Corners equal mourners

Who take a trip to the corners

To pay the toll

Required to say goodbye

Suits and dresses

Cover the dead

Makeup covers up pale complexions

From lifeless flesh

I passed by a friend

From the past to get the word

On his life

He said “I found my father

With his head cut off

Since then I’ve been off”

I have seen lights

That out shine the sun

But skyscrapers and projects

Stop ‘em from shining.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Live, Love, Learn

An overwhelming sense of joy

Calms me in the isolation of my mind

Overflowing with thoughts of bad and good times

Solitary confinement from those that say they love me the most

Visits from the past and present ghosts

The host, he or she

Presents its self in a divine way

Molding new and old me’s out of clay

I play in the sea of forbidden tales

Adding my own each time I prevail

In a task that was once failed by me in a past life

Addicted to the language of the angels

Always looking in the eyes of the beholder

I beg of you

Live, Love, Learn

It's the only way.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


Lost Minds


If I lost my mind today

Would anyone care?

Even though to me I am still here?

Will they notice that part of me is gone?

Or walk by looking on?

Go ahead and prolong the inevitable

Shoveling more and more dirt

To cover your trail

But nothing can hide the smell

Reeking from your soul

I suppose nothing could change your mind

Good then that will make two that’s lost their mind.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~




I will love you until the sun no longer sets

Without a doubt

Or regret

Intimately and mentally

A spiritual epiphany came when I met you

It’s highly unusual to find such an alikeness in opposites

But it is through this

I see one can not be

Without the other



~Knockamechee Pharoh~



You called the other day to give me some support

I guess you liked what you heard

Those simple words of sincerity made my day

I just wanted to say thank you.



~Knockamechee Pharoh~





If not for you, how will I be?

If not for you, how will I survive?

If not for you all will die

There's comfort in knowing that all resolves inside you

Sure with a bit of man

And surly a chance God had a hand in it

But comfort never the less

Knowing you possess the ability to give life

Oh what a sight when the circle of life

Gives way to a new spirit

Can't you hear it

The Angels pray with such enchanting voices

And the soldiers of Christ rejoice

It's truly, truly a wonderful sight

When man and woman unite

To continue their bloodline

Despite their attempts to expose God's flows in design

Only to feel every time

For this is how life itself continues

No one without the other

All around a mother

If not for you, how will I survive?

If not for you all will die.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



When I'm all stressed out

And everyone bails out

You are all I need

When all else fails

And Satan opens the gates of Hell

You are all I need

When the flesh becomes confusing

And I feel like I'm losing

You are all I need

If my voice was to fail

And all I know as well

You are all I need



~Knockamechee Pharoh~


My Flesh


I am at a constant battle with my flesh

To maintain control I must confess

That there are things not good fro me

I indulge in roles played

To feed the fetish my flesh craves

I am aware of the consequences these choices could bring

And I know my body is suppose to slave to my brain

But at times I lack the power to maintain

So I pray

Asking God to help me

I am at a constant battle with my flesh

To maintain control I must confess.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~


No Words

The other night I went to write you

But nothing came out

Maybe the words are still in my mouth

But if only that were true

The other day I went to write you

But stopped

Even before I started

That must sound retarded

Or even impossible

Some would say

But it happened

This could only mean one thing

You already know

But how can something mean only one thing

When it effects so many people

So maybe that's why no words came out.


~Knockamechee Pharoh~



When my flesh withers up

And I am no longer this young man

Will I understand all that I have seen?

Will I make an effort to help the young?

Or watch them get hung?

Whatever may come

It will be for the best of everyone's well being

And the Almighty who is all seeing

Shall back me.

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